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Welcome to the Tribe
of Nova Foundation

The Tribe of Nova Foundation is an Israeli non-profit organization initiated right after the atrocities on October 7th, by the producers of the Super Nova festival. The Tribe of Nova Foundation was formed to provide assistance for those impacted by the events. This includes financial aid, social integration, mental and occupational therapies for the survivors and their families as well as the abductees who are still in Gaza. In addition, we also coordinate commemorations in memory of the members of 'Nova tribe' community who did not survive. Donations go to commemorate the murdered and to support the bereaved families and the survivors of the festival.


Our Main


Nova Healing Journey - to help enhance resilience and reduce trauma.


Emergency micro grants to survivors struggling with specific needs.


Commemoration events, memorial site, and digital memorial projects.

Number of
impacted people: 


3,882 attendees of the Super Nova festival were directly attacked. 


3,000 First-immediate family members in need of care


18,000+ community members of the Tribe of Nova. 


2,800 community members currently receiving mental health care


15,000 individuals in the circle of immediate family members and/or those who have lost loved ones. 


15 million Jewish people around the world (indirect).



Who Are We?


On 7 October 2023, Simchat Torah, young adults came together to celebrate but found themselves in a war zone, experiencing shock and horror as the terror group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip. As part of the onslaught, 364 people were murdered, 40 kidnapped (3 released thus far) and hundreds wounded. This mass killing constituted the largest massacre of Israeli civilians. Sadly, 3,882 Super Nova Festival attendees, have endured deep trauma, and all the survivors will carry the atrocities they witnessed with them throughout their lives. The festival, attended mainly by 20–40-year-olds, from 36 countries around the world, was put together under the tagline of “friends, love and infinite freedom.” 


On the day following the tragic events of the dark Saturday, all the organizers of the Nova event decided to take action and start the journey of healing the victims of the Nova community. Since October 8th, much has been achieved, learned, and created a place that the survivors can see as a safe space to call home to regain their strength, and cope with the trauma together.

Tribe of Nova Founders

Yagil Rimony.jpg

Yagil Rimony 

Founder & CEO

Reef Peretz.jpg

Reef Peretz

Chairman of the Foundation and member of the board of directors

Ofir Amir.jpg

Ofir Amir

Founder & CFO


Naama Shmulevitz Massad

Executive Director

Omri Sasi .jpg

Omri Sasi

Founder & COO

Oshri Guttman.jpg

Oshri Guttman

Executive Committee and Board Member

Nimrod Arnin.jpeg

Nimrod Arnin

Founder & VP of Business Development

Alon Dotan .jpg

Alon Dotan 

Executive Committee and Board Member

Omri Kohavi .jpg

Omri Kohavi 

Board Member

CPA Avi Youdelevitch.jpg

CPA Avi Youdelevitch

Internal Auditor


Eilat Tibi

Resource Development Coordinator and NOVA Speakers Bureau Ambassador

Zion Makenzi .jpg

Zion Makenzi 

Board Member


Helen Teicher

Friends of Tribe of Nova Foundation, Europe Chairperson,


Seth Davis

Tribe of Nova Foundation- Executive Director Strategist

Haim Livne.jpg

Haim Livne

Member of the audit committee


Lin Meir Drori

Advisory Council,

Strategic Consultant

Almog Sade .JPG

Almog Sade 

Member of the audit committee


Millet Ben Haim

Resource Development Coordinator and NOVA Speakers Bureau Ambassador

How We Help?

Our measurable annual impact goals:



To impact a total of 2,500 individual survivor participants, 75% will attend 25+ healing sessions annually; to host over 132 sessions at the main social Nova hub, host 20 weekend retreats for over 2,000 survivors.



Establish a permanent site to commemorate the victims of terror creation of one major physical site, to over 50 memorial local events,  launch of a 4–8-weeks Nova festival Exhibition to bring global awareness , to invest resources via a digital platform as part of the memorial activities. We will never forget our loved ones. 


To distribute over 100 micro grants to survivors struggling with specific needs for domestic living, rehab, treatment, commemoration and more.

Upcoming Events:

April 15th, 2024, NYC

The Nova Music Festival Exhibition: October 7th 06:29AM 

Donate NOW

Please help us build the resilience of the Nova Tribe Community and donate to our activities and programs:

NOVA TRIBE an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN 04-3367888).
Is a fiscally sponsored project of The Giving Group Community and The Giving Back Fund,


Become a NOVA TRIBE ambassador and set up your own fundraising page

Checks: made payable to: Nova-GBF
Attn: NOVA / The Giving Back Fund
500 Commercial Street/Suite 4R
Boston, MA  02109, USA

Wire Instructions: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 383 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
Account Name: NOVA GGC
Account Number: 514688822
Routing Number: 021000021 ABA: 021000021 SWIFT: CHASUS33 (International wires only)




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